At Lall and Company Ltd. our fundamental mission is not only to satisfy our customers’ needs, but to exceed their expectations."

A family oriented Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding Company, Lall and Company Ltd. was founded by Percy Lall (deceased), in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Percy Lall operated as a Customs Broker for well over fifty (50) years and pursued his dream of opening his own Customs Brokerage firm. With his determination for growth, he introduced and encouraged his children and grand-children to join forces with him; always ensuring that honesty and integrity were maintained at all levels. He received many recognition awards for his contribution to the field from Customs & Excise and earned respect as one of the outstanding members of the elite group of Customs Brokers. He has left a legacy for his family to continue.

The directors operated a partnership, Lall and Company Customs Brokers, for over fourteen (14) years before becoming a Limited Liability Company in 1997 and continued to represent the same clients under the Limited Liability entity.

Our offices are strategically located close to the country’s major ports in Port of Spain and Point Lisas and we are well equipped to handle transactions from any Port of Import/Export and Customs Bonded Warehouse. Our services extend to the sister isle, Tobago.

Lall and Company Ltd. has established a dynamic and diverse team of thirty-five (35) members of staff. This includes one (1) Customs Broker, three (3) Grade III Customs Clerk, one at top management, four (4) Grade II and five (5) Grade I Customs Clerks, all of whom are highly trained professionals that are committed to delivering efficient and quality service. Also employed is a former senior Customs & Excise Officer, who has commanded greatest respect in the accurate and best procedures in Customs processing and International Harmonized System.

We provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their clearance and shipping procedures are handled quickly and efficiently.

A corporate mobile phone CUG plan ensures constant and effective communication among all employees and office. This proves worthy as real-time information is transferred and alleviates delays, as Clerks are able to communicate with management for best practices and positive result. This is also supported by a corporate mobile cell plan for direct communication with clients and other service providers.

Our four (4) member, in-house operations team remains constantly committed to communication with staff and clients, so as to ensure effective execution of duties.

Lall and Company Limited has recently created a web-based program which will allow our clients to track their shipments on-line, and thus give a real-time status on any particular transaction at any stage of processing. This will be made available to our clients in the near future.

These key personnel are able to keep up with ever-changing computer systems, trade and customs procedures, laws and regulations. They can evaluate shipments quickly and handle many details in a short time and thrive under pressure. They have been responsible for the training of hundreds of individuals in the field.

Strong relationships are built on honesty, dependability, integrity and support. These are some of the values on which Lall and Company Ltd. forges its business relationships.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and unrivalled customer service. Our performance is the testimonial confirmation and the reason why our present customers recommend us. Therefore, it is no surprise that the extra effort is normal with all of us at Lall and Company Ltd.

If you demand importing and exporting solution, we guarantee that we can serve and satisfy all of your Customs Brokerage needs EVERYTIME.

We commit and live by our credo:
“Quality service never goes out of style!”